RESCUE Terms and conditions

“RESCUE” Income and the owner are not liable nor responsible for your decisions when you partake in this program.

You take full responsibility when using the program and our 3rd party Optional Programs.

“RESCUE” Income is not responsible for any of the 3rd party programs and or their teams and conditions. “RESCUE” Income offers Optional “Power Circle” Systems to increase your potential with these 3rd party programs.

“RESCUE” Income is available worldwide but the responsibility rests on members to adhere to all legal requirements as stipulated by their governments and legal entities. 

We believe in the freedom of choice and thus give this gift of “RESCUE” Income so that any person anywhere may use it to generate income and invite others in doing so.

“RESCUE” Income – hereinafter “Company” is an advertising company marketing its products to the consumer through direct marketing. The policies herein are applicable to all Member/Reps of the Company. 1. I am of legal age in the state of my residency. I understand and agree that I am on independent contractor, responsible for determining my own hours and business activities, in compliance with the terms and conditions of “RESCUE” Income

2. I acknowledge and affirm that the agreement between “RESCUE” Income and it’s Member/Reps does not constitute on employer/employee relationship, agency, joint venture, or partnership between the Company and the Member/Rep.

3. As a Company Member/Rep, I will be on independent contractor responsible for my own business and not an employee of “RESCUE” Income. I will not be treated as on employee with regard to any laws covering employees including but not limited to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the Social Security Act, the Federal Unemployment Tax Act. National insurance or relevant county/local laws.

4. In order to maintain a viable marketing program and to comply with changes in laws or economic conditions, Company may revise it’s Terms and Conditions from time to time.

5. No representation has been made by “RESCUE” Income or any employee or agent as to the future or post income, expenses or profitability of becoming a Member/Rep.

6. Any Member/Distributor who engages in chat, email, posting or any other medium content that is deemed damaging to the Company or its members, will be terminated. In the conduct of business, I will safeguard and promote the reputation of the products and services of “RESCUE” Income and shall refrain from any and all conduct which might be harmful to the reputation of the Company or to the marketing of it’s products and services.

7. The present administrative fee covers all administrative setup cost for your retail tracking centre, web site, on line back office systems, hosting, security, software programming  and development, and member/rep services support for one month.

I can cancel my Membership at any time and that there will be no refund for monthly membership and fees already paid. I also understand that all the benefits and products available to me as a Member/Rep will remain available to me in the calendar month that I cancel. I agree to not do any form of charge-back or stop payment on any payments that have already been made.

8. “RESCUE” Income has a ZERO TOLERANCE SPAM POLICY. We consider Spam to be unsolicited bulk email. I understand that the failure to comply with this policy can result in my immediate termination. I further understand that if I am terminated due to Spam, I will no longer be eligible to receive any future compensation, will not be eligible for a refund, and will permanently lose access to my website.

9. The Company also reserves the right, at it’s sole discretion, to terminate any Member/Rep who it considers to have business ethics that are questionable and may thereby damage the image of “RESCUE” Income.

10. I understand and affirm that there has been no guarantee of income, nor any assurance of profit or success represented to me. No warranties or guarantees either oral or written were made to me.

11. Failure to pay the membership fee or administration fee in any month will disqualify the Member/Rep from receiving commissions and advertising for that month.

12. You must have a total of $50 (Value in bitcoin) earned commissions to withdraw a commission payment.

13) Withdrawals are paid within 72 hours, minus any transaction fees.

An Ewallet account is required.

22. A Member/Rep’s Membership may be transferred by will or assignment to immediate family members or heirs with approval from the Company upon receipt of proper documentation. This Agreement and all ancillary agreements constitute the entire agreement between the parties and there are no other oral or written understandings or agreements between “RESCUE” Income and any Member/Rep.

23. Rescue Income although owned by the “Circle of Power Group” is a Non-Profit Business, where all profits go back in for the benefit of all members in Rescue Income and the associated Power Circle System.  This although not on paper, makes Rescue Income profits owned by all its members and therefor Your own business along with other members.