Qualified Chef, Qualified Trainer, Teaching and Examination for Enviromental Health, basic, medium and advanced Catering Hygiene.

Artist, Writer, Poet, Musician, Wood Carver. 



George Holmes


With over 25 years of making money online resulting in him to be able

to sell his offline businesses… and Retire.

a) Personal Touch Catering Consultancy.

b) Personal Touch Outside Catering.

c) Personal Touch Art and Publishing.

After investing to provide an ongoing retirement income…

George decided after a short break to come back and build a System

along with Richard to HELP PEOPLE make money online by

building a System for them to plug into that also teaches them about

basic fundamentals of business.

‚ÄčCreator of the “Power Circle” System

and along with Richard Creator of “RESCUE” Income.


Richard Spartveit



1970’s Apprentice Jockey, ( Started my apprenticeship by riding the Former Irish Grand National winner) Brave talk.

1980’s Youth Worker, Self Employed Non Ferris Metals, Professional DJ, Micro Electronics Engineer. Horse care worker for Sangster Family who owned Vernons Pools.

1990’s Horse Care Worker (USA) Helped Horses recover from Injuries, Such as Conquistador Cielo, 36 Red, Strike the Gold! Who is also in the Hall of fame as a Florida, New York, and Kentucky Derby Winner! Met my Norwegian wife, Moved to Norway

Camping and Managing Director for tourism in Paradis, in the City of Bergen…

Distribution of Newspapers! ( Supplying delivery People).

Returned to the UK for 12 months due to a family members illness…my dad. I Produced 2 films for both Everton and Liverpool football clubs Everton was 24 hours with Joe Royal’s Army, (Everton’s FA Cup Win). and Liverpool’s was From Glennnbuck to Liverpool ( Bill Shankly ).

Back to Norway, Driver sales Person for the Scandinavian Ice Cream company called Hjem-is (Home Icecream) A Yearly turn over of Nok.2 million profit per depot per year! 26 depo’s. Top salesman 6 years in a row!

2000 – Part time Working on the Internet!

DNI Den Norske Isbil ( The Norwegian Ice cream Company ).Driver Sales and Deliveries…4 Years top Salesman Last 2 years in a row!

Returned to Hjem-is Driver sales person/ promoted to Assistant Daily Leader, Then Daily Leader and then Travelling Consultant…

Nestle sold the Company back to Viking Is and the rights to Norway to another Icecream company… let go. 2013

Assistant daily leader ( on paper not a physical role ) for a Kinder Garden run by my wife!

So While I was back working online I met my current online Partner George Holmes, I have worked closely with him for Nearly 4 years now helping people on very low or little income make money online.


‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income was created as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic 2020.

While working on a Funding and Feeding Platform that will be called‚Ķ¬†‚ÄúCircle of Power‚ÄĚ That our total system and Programs will fit into, George Holmes,

was also watching world news on BBC TV.  While watching this ongoing pandemic unfold he realised that the results of it would be a MASSIVE financial struggle for many people and businesses worldwide for many many years to come.

As George went back to working on the development of ‚ÄúCircle of Power‚ÄĚ he glanced¬†at the 1st¬†part of a 3 part pay-plan and wondered if he could re-design it to ‚ÄúRESCUE‚Ä̬†People, teams and business¬†with a Simple Program.¬† After copying the 1st part of the pay-plan onto a new spread sheet he worked all night and finished up with the Basics of‚Ķ

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income. A simple Program to make $1,084.00 Net Profit pm. Per Account.

He then realised by adding the ‚ÄúPower Circle‚ÄĚ System to ‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income that¬†a much more powerful program was in the making so himself and Richard got to

work and produce what we have today…

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†was created as a¬†None Profit Business¬†in order to¬†‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ (HELP)¬†as many¬†PEOPLE, FAMILIES, TEAMS and or BUSINESSES¬†as possible.

Force fed ‚Äď Self Building System using our own famous‚Ķ¬†‚ÄúPower Circle‚ÄĚ System¬†that builds your business fast and multiplies your income.

The ‚ÄúPower Circle‚Ä̬†Works on two basic principles of true wealth…¬†1) Helping Others.¬†2) Leveraging.

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†also has a ‚ÄúFREE ZONE‚ÄĚ Where Free members¬†can Start from Free using our Free income methods or Cover Your Outlay!

Making this System ZERO RISK! 100% FREE%

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†also has the Option to Increase your income at¬†No Out of Pocket expenses by using a Gift Certificate from your back office,

to gift a New Account for yourself using the very same email address. The Gift Certificate can also be used for Your New Members as an offer

from you. Two4One Offer РThey Join and pay the $8, you then reward them with a Gift Certificate Giving them a head start.

(What Goes Around ‚Äď Comes Around) Following our ‚ÄúPower Circle System”¬†¬†They can build 14 accounts Not out of Pocket! All Rewarding You!

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†also has the Option to Join 3rd¬†Party business again at‚Ķ¬†No Out of Pocket expenses. These also like ‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income have‚Ķ

‚ÄúPower Circle‚ÄĚ Systems placed over them.

The Very Top Account¬†in ‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income is owned by‚Ķ.¬†‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income itself.¬†(None Profit Program)

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†will also have several ‚ÄúANGEL‚ÄĚ Accounts spread¬†throughout the matrix.

As¬†‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†is None Profit Program all the above ‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income‚Ķ¬†owned accounts along with the monthly admin fee will cover‚Ķ

a) Operational costs,

b) Bitcoin Fluctuation account…

(To ensure in the event of bitcoin value fluctuation that the $ Value in bitcoin

can be paid out in a timely manner as per the pay-plan.)

c) Paid Marketing for the benefit of all members.

d) Development of our total system.

e) Members Rewards, Giveaways and Competition incentives.

(Could be anything ‚Äď attending our regular webinars will be VERY important!)

f) Any future Staff Wages.

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†can be used to Fund and Feed any other business outside¬†of our total system. Great for building YOUR OWN TEAM!

‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†can be¬†used to¬†Fund any Offline Business¬†during these hard times.

To cover overheads, rents, operational costs etc, retain staff and build into a Reserve Income for

any future business down turns.

On a last note we call¬†‚ÄúRESCUE‚ÄĚ Income¬†a¬†‚ÄúLIFEBOAT‚ÄĚ

That leads to…¬†‚ÄúCircle of Power‚ÄĚ Platform,¬†¬†We call¬†The ARK.


George Holmes

Richard Styles Spartvei